How to Layer for Autumn

Ease into autumn with our five essential layering tips.

1. Start light
Avoid the layering bulk by starting with light pieces, such as a breathable shirt. Not only will this allow each piece to lay effortlessly but it also makes for easy temperature control throughout the day.

2. Combine casual and formal wear
Elevate traditional layering by combining casual and formal wear. Layering within one style typically results in a confined state, dressing across categories creates breathable layers and a much more contemporary look.

3. Sizing for comfort
Often a forgotten factor, sizing up may be necessary when picking your layers. Opting for a larger size for your final layer ensures each layer fits comfortably and seamlessly. Alternatively, choose a timeless overcoat designed with enough room for a layering.

4. Opt for one colour palette
Keep away from unflattering colour clashing by sticking to one colour palette. Styling within the same colour family like blue allows you to play with different tones, from Aquascutum navy to pale blue.

5. Don’t be afraid to accessorise
Add depth to your layers by incorporating a printed accessory. Mixing patterns is an easy way to bring your outfit to life and the right pick/article can double as a comforting warming layer.

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