How I Wear it: Aleks Cvetkovic

We invited The Jackal Magazine's Deputy Editor, Aleks Cvetkovic to our Jermyn Street store to discuss the direction of Fashion in London.

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 What are 3 pieces you consider an essential in any man’s wardrobe?
A beautifully tailored navy blazer – cut in a softly textured cloth, possibly double-breasted – with patch pockets for a relaxed feel. Traditional blazers can be quite stuffy, but if you can find one in flannel or a contemporary basket weave cloth with horn buttons, it’ll go anywhere and do anything you need it to. Next, I’d suggest some good mid-grey flannel trousers. Again, they’re soft, classically elegant and versatile. A third essential for me is the fine merino roll neck – they’re my uniform these days – a roll neck under a suit or sports jacket is a really chic look.
How would you describe London fashion?
London’s style is eclectic. I love the city because you can be whoever you want to be. It offers stylish men the freedom to dress how they like without judgement. There will always be someone who identifies with your look in London. Whether a polished suit or streetwear, London is a place that allows you to express yourself with your clothes – and that’s precious.
What does luxury fashion mean to you?
Our society is too quick to associate ‘luxury’ with something that’s expensive or branded. To me, that’s only ever half the story. Often, something luxurious is expensive because it’s been made with skill or with precious materials, but luxury should never be costly for the sake of it. A ‘luxury’ is something that’s made with thought, with commitment and that’s of quality. In menswear, that means something that is functional and often beautiful, but which above all has been made to last using traditional skills.
How has being an editor affected your style?
As a journalist who spends a lot of time writing about men’s style, I’m fortunate that I don’t have to abide by any rules – I can experiment with different aesthetics as the mood takes me. I’ve always enjoyed wearing tailoring, so I’ll dress up for business meetings, industry events and when I see the magazine’s clients. But, I also enjoy experimenting with casualwear and blending formal pieces with weekend wear or vintage finds. I’ve always been passionate about British manufacturing and heritage brands, so whether I’ve got a pair of edgy balloon jeans and a work jacket on for the day, or a tailored three-piece suit, it’ll most likely be from an old-school brand that takes pride in what it does.

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