As Seen On: Dressing the Powerful

Before the introduction of mass communication, Royalty acted as the first point of call for leading fashion. The British royal family have had a history of contributing to the world of fashion and wearing Aquascutum.

As Seen On: Aquascutum through the years’ module photo

Among Aquascutum’s earliest patrons was one of Britain’s foremost fashion icons – the Prince of Wales, later to become King Edward VII, ordering a coat in the Prince of Wales Check. After being so impressed with the coat, he granted the first royal warrant in 1897, marking the beginning of a long patronage with the royal family.

Soon, Aquascutum overcoats became the favoured choice of Victorian boulevardiers; not only for their propensity to repel rain, but also due to the fact that these garments had become the very height of fashion. Over this time Aquascutum continued to dress Royals throughout the ages, ranging from Katharine, Duchess of Kent to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

This rise in popularity amongst British royalty is what solidified Aquascutum and the Trench Coat as a functional staple in the Englishman’s wardrobe. Read about the stars of the screen who wore Aquascutum here


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