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What comes to mind when you think of Aquascutum?

“When I think of Aquascutum I think of a brand that’s quintessentially British, and of its heritage. It’s a brand that stands for classic values, and of course is synonymous with great tailoring. The trench coat immediately comes to mind as the piece that most people want in their wardrobe from Aquascutum, and I love that even more because it was a staple of the suffragette’s wardrobes. What more endorsement could you possibly need?”

Which is your favourite womenswear Aquascutum look from today and why?

“I just loved the navy pea coat today and this look just totally sums up how I like to dress (pregnant or not). The flattering green jumper adds a nice pop of colour and the coat, with its large lapels, makes a great statement whilst being really easy to dress up or down. It’s a classic wear-with-everything coat that makes you feel fantastic, even when you’re just popping to the shops.”

What is the biggest misconception about balancing your career and motherhood?

“The biggest misconception is that there’s a secret answer to how to balance both. I have to say, I think I’m just winging it really! People assume I have ‘the secret’ because I manage to do my job with a couple of kids and another one on the way, but the thing I’ve learnt is that’s it’s all about having to reinvent the rules almost every few months.

Who is the most interesting woman you’ve met during your time at Stylist magazine and why?

“This is easy for me because it’s Hillary Clinton, who I was lucky enough to interview a couple of years ago when she was doing her book tour. She was fascinating, an amazing and inspiring woman. And so in control! I realized she had me seated in the perfect position, and had me eating out of the palm of her hand within seconds of meeting her. She was lively, fun and charming, the eternal diplomat of course. She absolutely didn’t disappoint, and was everything that I’d hoped she would be.”

Photographer: Joe Harper
Hair and makeup: Caroline Walker

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