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Behind the AW16 Campaign module photo

We took a moment to catch up with new British model, dancer and actor, Anders Hayward, who displays his fluid dance skills in our AW16 campaign shoot.


How did you get into modelling?
“It’s such a typical story; when I was 17 I was shopping on Oxford Street with my girlfriend and this animated Brazilian guy came up to me and was like “Oh my God, you should be a model.”  He told me about a competition they were doing around the corner for an unsigned model search. I didn’t win it, but I got to the final day and about a month later they called me to say they wanted to keep me on their books. I did a few test shots and everything started to take off, I haven’t really stopped since!”

Do you think that dancing affects your modelling and how you take direction from the photographer?
“Yeah, it’s given me so much more awareness of my body - which I think photographers like. The techniques I’ve learnt are a lot to do with the breath, feeling and form. It doesn’t come from an aesthetic point of view, it’s more like you feel the movement first, and the visual follows. I don’t really get booked on my face anymore, it’s mostly dance related jobs, which is perfect for me. It’s nice to be able to combine my work with my passion. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

How do you describe British style?
“It’s all about really good fit. You could go to America and it’s popular to be oversized, but here there’s a focus on fit. I feel like we have such an emphasis on gentleman’s style and it’s really nice and smart.”


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