• Understated British Elegance

    Established in 1851, as an intergral part of London’s ever-hectic cosmopolitan life, Aquascutum has adopted an understated approach to solving a perennial fashion conundrum infusing high-end  sophistication with functionality.

    Appearing elegant yet city chic has always been Aquascutum’s chief mission statement. As an iconic British label, Aquascutum has successfully inspired and breathed life into fashion for over 150 years, constantly refining their designs, craftsmanship, time-honored skill and tailoring we have all come to love and trust.

  • Heritage

    Aquascutum is derived from the two Latin words - “Aqua” meaning water, and “Scutum” meaning shield, when it successfully marked the revolutionized and innovative techniques in their outerwear.

    In 1851, John Emary developed the very first concept of water-proof sartorial clothing for his aristocratic clients and this notion was later adapted by the noble militaries. Liberating many from the day-to-day lives of the unpredictable British weather, it provided a stylish protection and created a new mode in fashion history.

    To further amplify its British heritage, the famous house checkered designs have been continuously featured, marking its unmistakable quality and unmatchable sophistication in this quintessential British label.

  • Dressing the Powerful

    From the unpredictable British weather to the resilience of battle fields, Aquascutum has enhanced and solidified its distinctive technical achievements. Throughout its heritage of over 160 years, it has been a popular choice of wear by many British royalty and politicians. Just to name a few, those who favored the innovative and luxurious Aquascutum clothing included HRH King Edward VII, HRH Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher - giving the brand a distinctive aristocracy. Hollywood royalty include Sophia Loren, Greta Garbo, Sean Connery, Cary Grant, Pierce Brosnan, Humphrey Bogart and Peter Sellers - making it nothing short of fashion must-haves. Beyond its high-fashion sensibility, Aquascutum is also known for its impressive durability and ruggedness; esteemed explorers such as Edmund Hillary and sherpa Tenzing wisely wore Aquascutum’s highly advanced Wyncol D711 fabric to protect themselves against the harsh conditions of sleet and snow during their history-making climb of the formidable Mt. Everest - bringing Aquascutum to both physical and fashion peaks.