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About us

Our Heritage

Understated British Elegance

The British weather is famed for its inclemency and unpredictability. Aquascutum invented the first waterproof cloth in 1853 and created the raincoat to protect the ladies and gentlemen of England from the elements and preserve their stylish appearance. This understated approach to solving a perennial fashion problem (how to look elegant in the hustle and bustle of city life) has continued for over 160 years.

Aquascutum gained great acclaim from the development of one of the most iconic garments ever created; the trench coat. Although it began as military uniform, the trench has become a cornerstone of the 21st century wardrobe, a chic yet classic envelope that perfectly balances form and function.

Aquascutum has played an intrinsic role in the history of the trench coat. Founder John Emary worked in collaboration with the British military to turn his patented waterproof fabric into a garment that offered functionality and protection for the soldiers of the First World War. To date this level of innovation has continued to imbed itself at the heart of the brand.

Aquascutum have been applauded for their fine craftsmanship, luxurious fabrics and attention to detail that has been applied to all matters sartorial. Ultimately Aquascutum is a company with a quintessentially British point of view for whom the pursuit of style is a way of life.


  1. 2009

    Timeline 2009

    The most recent among the renowned British photographers to shoot Aquascutum's iconic advertising campaigns was Tim Walker.

  2. 2005

    Timeline 2005

    Spring/Summer saw the launch of Aquascutum's first catwalk collection since the company's inception in 1851.

  3. 1996

    Timeline 1996

    Aquascutum is elected to supply the official uniforms for The Great British Olympic Team.

  4. 1976

    Timeline 1976

    Aquascutum celebrates 125 years, marked with a feature edition in Vogue magazine.

  5. 1966

    Timeline 1966

    Aquascutum receives international attention, the brand is recognised for its global success and receives the Queen's award for export achievement.

  6. 1953

    Timeline 1953

    Wyncol fabric was developed and used to protect Edmund Hillary and Sherpatensing as they conquered the extreme conditions of Mount Everest.

  7. 1940's

    Timeline 1940

    The Aquascutum Trench Coat is used by the British military during World War II. After the war, the Aquascutum rain coat becomes an essential piece for Hollywood icons.

  8. 1914

    Timeline 1914

    The 'Trench Coat' was created for the British Military during World War I. After the war, the Trench Coat becomes an integral part of British fashion.

  9. 1897

    Timeline 1897

    Aquascutum is awarded its first Royal Warrant.

  10. 1895

    Timeline 1895

    Aquascutum moves into 100 Regent Street.

  11. 1870

    Timeline 1870

    John Emary renames his company to reflect this innovation in outerwear - 'aqua' (water) and 'scutum' (shield) in Latin.

  12. 1853

    Timeline 1853

    John Emary creates and patents the first water proof textile. The raglan sleeve was created on request of Lord Raglan.

  13. 1851

    Timeline 1851

    John Emary, a Mayfair tailor, opens his first shop in Piccadilly.


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